Shoaib Malik Biography

Shoaib Malik Biography

 Pakistan cricket team is always in the discussion for one reason or the other, whether it is the dispute of that team, the issue of spot-fixing, or the affair of a player, but this team, which is always in controversies, is one of the top teams in world cricket. One is the reason for this is the players there, today we are going to talk about one such best and brilliant all-rounder of Pakistan cricket team, whose name is Shoaib Malik himself, Shoaib Malik is a right-handed all-rounder playing for Pakistan cricket team. Middle order right-handed batsman as well as spinneroff-break bowler

Points Information
Full Name Shoaib Malik
Father's Name Malik Salim Hussain
Mother Name Sultana Maliki
Date of Birth 1 फ़रवरी 1982
Age ( Age (2021) 39
Birth Place Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan
Brother Adil Malik
Sisters Shazia Imran and Sadaf Imran
Wife Ayesha Siddiqui (first wife),
Sania Mirza (second wife)
Children Izhaan Mirza Malik
Religion Islam
Profession cricketer
Playing Style batsman
Home Team Pakistan

Shoaib Malik born

Shoaib Malik was born on February 1, 1982 in Sialkot, Pakistan in a Kakazai Pashtun family. His family was an intermediate Muslim family.

Shoaib Malik family

 Shoaib Malik's family is from Pakistan, his father's name is Malik Salim Hussain, while his mother's name is Sultana Malik, he has a younger brother, whose name is Adil Malik, and he also has two sisters named Shazia Imran and Sadaf Imran.

 Shoaib Malik's Early Life

 Shoaib Malik started his cricket career at a young age, when he used to go to school, he used to come home from school every day and practice cricket. Initially, his family did not support him to play cricket, but as Shoaib Malik's interest in cricket grew, his family also asked him to make a career in cricket. Shoaib Malik was 10 years old, his father sent him to Sialkot. Got enrolled in Imran Khan's coaching clinic. Shoaib Malik left his home bar at the age of 10 and went to practice in the cricket academy and lived there, he had to cook his own food here, initially Malik himself used to be an opening batsman but later he also bowled. started doing

 Shoaib Malik has played for these teams

Shoaib Malik plays for the Pakistan national cricket team in the ODI/T20/Test format. He represented Pakistan, Asia XI, Barbados Tridents, Delhi Daredevils, Gloucestershire, Gujranwala Cricket Association, Guyana Amazon Warriors, Hobart Hurricanes, ICC World XI, Karachi Kings, Multan Sultans, Pakistan International Airlines, Pakistan Reserve, Sialkot Cricket Association, Sialkot Stallion does. Vancouver Knights team in domestic cricket. Shoaib Malik has been a part of all these teams.

 Shaheed Malik's change in bowling action

In May 2001, Malik's bowling action was inspected. The PCB group of bowling advisors concluded that his stock off-spinner was legal, although his delivery was not going the other way. He was asked to focus on his off-spin and practice bowling his second ball without bending his arm

 Shoaib Malik International Cricket Career

 After Shoaib Malik's consistent performance in domestic cricket for Pakistan, he got an opportunity to play in international cricket for Pakistan in 1999, where he played his first international match in the form of ODI cricket.

 Shoaib Malik's ODI Cricket Career

 Shoaib Malik started his cricket career from day 1 against England on 28 August Shoaib Malik made his ODI debut against West Indies on 14 October 1999, although Malik himself did not get a chance to bat in this match. He took two wickets giving 34 runs in 8 overs while bowling brilliantly.

 Shoaib Malik has been one of the best all-rounders for Pakistan in ODI cricket, he has made many records in ODI cricket, he has played more than 280 * for Pakistan and this match where he scored more than 7500 * runs. While he has also scored 9 * centuries & 44 * fifties

 Shoaib Malik's Test Cricket Career Begins

Shoaib Malik started his Test cricket career against Bangladesh on 29 August 2001, where Malik himself took 2 wickets in the first innings while bowling. In Test cricket career, Malik himself did not get a chance to bat for a long time, he was only made to bowl but as his batting improved, he was sent to number four and five and here Malik himself won many matches. innings played

 Shoaib Malik's T20 cricket career started

 Shoaib Malik started his T20 cricket career for Pakistan against England on 28 August 2006 and opened here where he scored 16 runs, Malik himself played more than 120* matches in T20 cricket for Pakistan. have been

 In the 2021 T20 World Cup, he was given a place back in the team after a long time in view of his experience.

 Shoaib Malik as captain of Pakistan

Koi Malik has also captained for Pakistan, after the 2007 World Cup, Pakistan's captain Inzamam-ul-Haq resigned from the captaincy, after which Shoaib Malik Yusuf Khan and Mohammad Yusuf were selected in the team but the most strong contender among them Shoaib Malik was considered after which Malik himself was made the captain where he played his first cricket series as captain against Sri Lanka where they defeated Sri Lanka 2–1
Next series against South Africa at home. There was a Test and ODI series, in which Pakistan lost 1–0 and 3–2. Since then Shoaib Malik has participated in many cricket series and his captaincy lasted for 2 years on behalf of Pakistan cricket team.

 Cricket ban on Shoaib Malik

 Malik was performing brilliantly under his captaincy but in 2010 he was banned for 1 year by the Pakistan Cricket Board after he was accused of infiltrating the team. As a result, seven players were fined and banned.

 But after 2 months, 1 England home team took advantage of this thing and offered it to the players of Pakistan. The Lancashire County Cricket Club approached Malik to play during the Twenty20 Cup. He agreed, saying I said yes when the Lancashire County Cricket Club approached Malik to come and play for him. I love playing cricket in England and the opportunity to play with Lancashire County Cricket Club was great

On 29 May 2010, Malik's ban was lifted and his fine of Rs 20 lakh was halved. He was later named in the MSL 2019 squad, and as a result, Malik pulled out of his contract with Lancashire.

 Shoaib Malik IPL Career

 Shoaib Malik is one of those players of Pakistan who got a chance to play IPL. Played against Deccan Chargers with Delhi de Villiers in 2008, where Shoaib Malik neither got a chance to bat nor got a chance to bowl in his first match, played 7 matches in IPL where he scored 52 runs while 2 got wickets

Shoaib Malik wife

 Shoaib Malik and Sania got married on 12 April 2010 in Hyderabad. The two first met in Australia where Sania went to play the Australian Open. At the same time, Shoaib was also playing the Test series against Australia with his team.
Sania Mirza is Shoaib Malik's second wife. A few days after this marriage took place in April 2010. Already his first wife had created panic in the media.
Ayesha Siddiqui said that Shoaib Malik has married her earlier and without giving divorce, he cannot do second marriage. At first Shoaib Malik kept denying this marriage and said not to give divorce, but later seeing the matter increasing and after a lot of uproar, he had to divorce Ayesha Siddiqui.

 Before marriage with Shoaib Malik, Sania was engaged elsewhere. Sania's first engagement was with her childhood friend Sohrab Mirza in the year 2009.
The pressure of Sohrab's family became a wall between these two. Sohrab's father Adil Mirza did not like Sania playing tennis.
After the engagement, Sania Mirza went to play the Australian Open. During this time the Pakistani cricket team was also in Australia. After which these two met. After the two fell in love, Sania broke off her engagement with Sohrab and decided to get married with Shoaib.

 In 2018, both the couples had a son named Izhaan Mirza Malik.

 Shoaib Malik net worth

 Shoaib Malik's estimated sibling is $28 million