Shoaib Akhtar Biography

Shoaib Akhtar Biography

 By the way, cricket is not as popular in any country as it is in India, but when it comes to which country comes second after India, then that country is Pakistan. So cricket is very much liked in Pakistan too, due to this choice, Pakistan has given big cricketers to international cricket. Due to which Pakistan is maintaining its dominance in cricket. Today he is going to talk about a famous cricketer of Pakistan. So we're talking. About Rawalpindi Express i.e. Shoaib Akhtar is going to talk about some things related to Shoaib Akhtar's life.

 Shoaib Akhtar Biography in Hindi

name Shoaib Akhtar
father Mohammad Akhtar
mother Hameeda Awan
brother : Shahid (Elder), Tahir (Elder), Obaid (Elder) and Late Shoaib
sister Shumaila
wife Rubab Khan
hight 6 feet
Net Worth:  $6 million

Shoaib Akhtar was born

 So talk about Shoaib Akhtar was born on 13 August 1975 in Rawalpindi city of Punjab state of Pakistan when Shoaib Akhtar was born in a Muslim intermediate family.

 Shoaib Akhtar's family

 Talk about Shoaib Akhtar's family is from Rawalpindi city, his father's name is Mohammad Akhtar, who used to be a watchman, while his mother's name is Hamida Akhtar, his mother was married at a young age to Shoaib Akhtar's three. There is a brother whose name is Shahid Tahir Abid, he also has a sister whose name is Somalia Shoaib Akhtar's family was a poor family Shoaib Akhtar I have faced a lot of troubles in my childhood Shoaib Akhtar Rahul lived in the house in Pini. There was only one room in which his entire family lived, his roof used to drip during the rainy days. Shoaib Akhtar has also been associated with many diseases in his childhood. In which he had foot disease, he could not stand upright, in childhood, he also had a fatal disease called Kali Khasi, at that time his mother has faced a lot of problems due to lack of medical facilities.

 Shoaib Akhtar's Education

Shoaib Akhtar could not concentrate so much in studies due to his financial condition not being strong, talk about his schooling, he completed his schooling from Eliot High School Rawalpindi while he completed his college education from Azgar Mal College. He is a graduate in education. He started showing his interest in cricket right from his school days.

 Shoaib Akhtar's early cricket career

 Shoaib Akhtar was very fond of running since childhood, due to which he used to participate very fast His interest in cricket grew, his family started supporting him, Shoaib Akhtar is counted in the list of fastest bowlers in international cricket today on the basis of his hard work and his ability. Shoaib Akhtar used to shy away from batting in front of any big batsman when he used to play cricket and Shoaib Akhtar has worked hard on himself to become a fast bowler and show the world but the day he hit 161.3 kmph. He was counted among the legends of cricket from the same day the ball was thrown at the speed of

 Shoaib Akhtar has made many records in his cricket career. Which will not be easy to break by any bowler and a bowler like him may become a bowler, every bowler's dream is to bowl like him, but a bowler like him has not been born yet.

 Shoaib Akhtar's International Career

 Shoaib Akhtar has done very well in his international cricket, he started international cricket in 1997.

 Shoaib Akhtar's Test Career

 Shoaib Akhtar started his international career as a Test cricket, he played his first test match on 29 November 1947 against West Indies in Rawalpindi, Shoaib Akhtar took 2 wickets in 15 overs in the first innings in the step match. Shoaib Akhtar did not take any wicket in the second innings.

 Shoaib Akhtar has dismissed big batsmen in his Test career. While many batsmen are sweating. Shoaib Akhtar played 46 matches in his Test career in which he took 178 wickets and scored 544 runs.

 Shoaib Akhtar's ODI Cricket Career

 Shoaib Akhtar played his first ODI against Zimbabwe on March 28, 1998, and in his first match, Shoaib Akhtar had put only 5 more wickets and got one wicket. Akhtar has played 163 ODI matches. In which he has taken 247 wickets. In which he has also taken five wickets four times. So Shoaib Akhtar's ODI career has also been very good.

 Shoaib Akhtar's T20 Career

Shoaib Akhtar's T20 cricket was also short but it was very good Shoaib Akhtar made his debut in T20 cricket against England on 28 August 2006, he has been able to play only 15 T20 matches. And they have got 19 wickets in them.

 Shoaib Akhtar's IPL Career

Shoaib Akhtar's IPL career was nothing special due to the fight between India and Pakistan, he was able to play only one IPL season, whichever was the first season of IPL i.e. 2008, in which he was seen playing for Kolkata Knight Riders team. Sir Gupta, who took 5 wickets, played his first IPL match against Delhi Capitals on 13 May 2018.

 Shoaib Akhtar retires from international cricket

Shoaib Akhtar Test debut

vs West Indies at Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium, Nov 29, 1997

Shoaib Akhtar Last Test

vs India at M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Dec 08, 2007

Shoaib Akhtar ODI debut

vs Zimbabwe at Harare Sports Club, Mar 28, 1998

Shoaib Akhtar Last ODI

vs New Zealand at Pallekele International Cricket Stadium, Mar 08, 2011

Shoaib Akhtar T20 debut

vs England at County Ground, Aug 28, 2006

Shoaib Akhtar Last T20

vs New Zealand at Seddon Park, Dec 28, 2010

Shoaib Akhtar IPL debut

vs Delhi Capitals at Eden Gardens, May 13, 2008

Shoaib Akhtar Last IPL

vs Delhi Capitals at Arun Jaitley Stadium, May 22, 2008