Mohammad Siraj Biography

Mohammad Siraj Biography

There is only one place where we see people of all kinds playing, where players from every religion, every village, every district, every state are seen playing, that's why we like to watch sports. In Indian cricket also, we see many types of players playing, no matter what religion they are from, here all the players are given equal equality, today we are going to talk about the fast bowler Mohammad Siraj of the Indian cricket team.

 Biography of Mohammad Siraj

Name Mohammad Siraj
DOB/Date of Birth 13 March 1994 (Hyderabad)
Profession Cricket bowler (Indian)
Parents Mohammad Ghaus/Shabana Begum
Net-Worth ₹ 35 crore
Bowling Style Right-Arm Medium-Fast
Age 27 Year (2021)

Birth of Mohammad Siraj

 Mohammed Siraj was born in a Muslim family, he was born on 13 March 1994 in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, his religion is Islam, his caste is Gosh.

 family of mohammad siraj

 Mohammed Siraj's family was very much, his father's name is Mohammad Ghaus, who used to be an auto driver, while Mohammed Siraj's mother's name is Shabana Begum, he also has a brother whose name is Mohammad Ismail. Even because of this, his father fulfilled the dreams of Mohammad Siraj by driving an auto, he would never fulfill the dreams of Mohammad Siraj in front of his poverty. To fulfill the dreams of Mohammad Siraj, he worked day and night to meet the needs of Mohammad Siraj. Fulfilled and Mohammad Siraj also worked hard day and night to fulfill his dreams and promised him that one day he would definitely play for the Indian cricket team and Mohammad Siraj fulfilled this dream and some time after the completion of this dream of Mohammad Siraj Only after that his father died on 20 November 2020 but Mohammad Siraj's father saw the success of his son on the way.

 Education of Mohammad Siraj

The same thing about the education of Tere Mohammed Siraj, then Mohammed Siraj has not received any special education, he has received his early education from Safa Junior College, Nampally, Hyderabad, whose Mohammed Siraj has studied only till 12th.

 Early Life of Mohammad Siraj

Mohammad Siraj has been very shy since childhood, he understood the situation of his family from childhood and wanted to fulfill his father according to him. Mohammad Siraj has worked hard since childhood, he used to play club cricket matches for money in his childhood. And the money that he used to get from him, he used to spend his expenses, Mohammad Siraj's first earning was ₹ 500,
Mohammad Siraj told during an interview that once he got a chance to play a match for a club. His maternal uncle was the captain of the team. In that match, Mohammad Siraj took 9 wickets for 20 runs. In this way his team won the match and his maternal uncle gave him 500 rupees as a reward. In this way, Mohammad Siraj's first earning as a cricketer was Rs 500.

 Mohammad Siraj's Domestic Cricket Career

 Due to the brilliant work and brilliant performance of Mohammad Siraj, he got an opportunity to play in domestic cricket, he started his domestic cricket career against Hyderabad.

Where he played his first match on 15 November 2015, he played his first match in the form of Ranji Trophy, Ranji Trophy 2015-16 was brilliant for him.

After this, he also performed brilliantly in Ranji Trophy 2016-17 and became the highest wicket-taker for Hyderabad in this trophy by taking 41 wickets.

After this he also participated in 217-18 Vijay Hazare Trophy, in which he was part of Karnataka team and in this trophy also he performed brilliantly and took 23 wickets in 7 matches.

 Mohammad Siraj IPL Career

 After the consistent performance of Mohammad Siraj, he got an opportunity to play in the world's biggest cricket league IPL, where he was bought for Sunrisers Hyderabad for Rs 2.6 crore in the IPL auction held in February 2017 and in the same year he played Devji in the IPL. He played the first match against Delhi Capitals on 19 April 2017 and in his first match, Mohammad Siraj performed brilliantly and took 2 wickets in 4 overs.

 For Sunrisers Hyderabad, he played 6 matches in 2017 and took 11 wickets, in view of his excellent performance, the RCB team included Mohammad Siraj in their team in the 2018 IPL option and in his first season for RCB, he took 11 minutes. ate at 11:00 am and are currently associated with RCB till 2021

 IPL performance of Mohammad Siraj (2017-2021)

Bowling Mat Balls Runs WKTS BBM Econ
Career 50 1,028 1,437 50 4/32 8.38
2021 15 312 353 11 3/27 6.78
2020 9 163 236 11 3/8 8.68
2019 9 169 269 7 2/38 9.55
2018 11 246 367 11 3/25 8.95
2017 6 138 212 10 4/32 9.21

 International cricket career of Mohammad Siraj

 Mohammad Siraj was performing brilliantly for the RCB team in the IPL, seeing his excellent performance, he got a chance to play in T20 cricket in 2017.

 Mohammad Siraj's T20 cricket career

 Mohammad Siraj made his T20 debut on 4 November 2017 against New Zealand, in his first match, Mohammad Raj took 1 wicket in 4 overs.

 Mohammad Siraj's ODI Cricket

Mohammad Siraj made his ODI debut against Australia on 15 June 2019.

 Test cricket career of Mohammad Siraj

 Mohammad Siraj started his Test cricket game against Australia on 26 December 2021, in his first match, he took 2 wickets in 15 overs in the first innings while in the second innings he took 3 wickets in 21 overs.

 Mohammed Siraj insulted in the cricket field

 Mohammad Siraj did not face the indecent language of the audience in the field, it is in 2021 when the Indian team was completely injured and the pressure of defeat was on the Indian team, at that time the young batsman and the young bowlers supported the Indian team and this Contributed Test Series Four matches were to be played in Step Sharif, the first match was won by the Indian team, the second match was won by the Australia team and the third match was drawn by the youth of India, in this match the Indian team was defeated in this match itself. Mohammad Siraj had faced the objectionable word where the Australian audience started calling him the monkey. After this, Mohammad Siraj complained about it, but Mohammad Siraj takes a lesson from this and while performing brilliantly in the fourth match of the fridge, contributes significantly to the victory of the Indian team in 4 Tests, this test match was such that it is historic.

 mohd siraj girlfriend

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 income of mohammed siraj

 Mohamed Siraj has an estimated annual income of $5 million