List of Computer Programming Language and their Abbreviation

List of Computer Programming Language and their Abbreviation

List of Computer Programming Language and their Abbreviation

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List of Computer Programming Language and full form

  1. HTML :- Hyper Text Markup Language

  2. AJAX :- Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
  3. COBOL :- Common Business Oriented Language
  4. PHP :- Hypertext Preprocessor
  5. CSS :- Cascading Style Sheets
  6. APL :- Automatic Programming Language
  7. XHTML :- Extensible Hypertext Markup Language
  8. DDL :- Data Definition Language
  9. WSDL :- Web Services Definition Language
  10. BOPL :- Basic Object Programming Language
  11. SAML :- Security Assertion Markup Language
  12. DCL :- Data Control Language
  13. PCL :- Printer Control Language
  14. IDL :- Interface Definition Language
  15. DML :- Data Manipulation Language
  16. DQL :- Data Query Language
  17. AML :- Algebraic Modeling Languages
  18. XUL :- XML User-interface Language
  19. SMIL :- Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language
  20. XBL :- XML Binding Language
  21. OPML :- Outline Processor Markup Language
  22. HDMI :- Handheld Device Markup Language
  23. VRML :- Virtual Reality Modeling Language
  24. SQL :- Structured Query Language
  25. VBS :- Visual Basic Script
  26. JSP :- Java Server Pages
  27. SAP :- System Analysis and Programming
  28. BCPL :- Basic Combined Programming Language
  29. XML :- eXtensible Markup Language
  30. BASIC :- Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
  31. ALGOL :- ALGOrithmic Language
  32. JS :- JavaScript
  33. PERL :- Practical Extraction and Reporting Language
  34. J2EE :- Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition
  35. XSL :- Extensible Stylesheet Language
  36. LISP :- list processing
  37. ADO :- ActiveX Data Objects
  38. VFP :- Visual FoxPro
  39. Oracle :- Oak Ridge Automatic Computer and Logical Engine
  40. PROLOG :- Programmation logique
  41. ASP :- Active Server Page
  42. ASP :- Answer Set Programming
  43. ASP :- Application Service Provider
  44. CFML :- Cold Fusion Markup Language
  45. FORTRAN :- FORmula TRANslation language.
  46. JSON :- JavaScript Object Notation 


Question 1 :What is full form of HTML ?

Answers : full form of HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language


Question 2 :What is full form of AJAX?

Answers : full form of AJAX is Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.

Question 3 :What is full form of COBOL ?

Answers : full form of COBOL is Common Business Oriented Language.

Question 4 :What is full form of PHP ?

Answers : full form of PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor.

Question 5 :What is full form of CSS ?

Answers : full form of CSS is Cascading Style Sheets.

Question 6 :What is full form of APL ?

Answers : full form of APL is Automatic Programming Language.

Question 7 :What is full form of XHTML ?

Answers : full form of XHTML is Extensible Hypertext Markup Language.

Question 8 :What is full form of DDL ?

Answers : full form of DDL is Data Definition Language.

Question 9 :What is full form of WSDL ?

Answers : full form of WSDL is Web Services Definition Language.

Question 10 :What is full form of BOPL ?

Answers : full form of BOPL is Basic Object Programming Language.

Question 11 :What is full form of SAML ?

Answers : full form of SAML is Security Assertion Markup Language.

Question 12 :What is full form of DCL ?

Answers : full form of DCL is Data Control Language.

Question 13 :What is full form of PCL ?

Answers : full form of PCL is Printer Control Language.

Question 14 :What is full form of IDL ?

Answers : full form of IDL is Interface Definition Language.

Question 15 :What is full form of DML ?

Answers : full form of DML is Data Manipulation Language.

Question 16 :What is full form of DQL ?

Answers : full form of DQL is Data Query Language.

Question 17 :What is full form of AML ?

Answers : full form of AML is Algebraic Modeling Languages.

Question 18 :What is full form of XUL ?

Answers : full form of XUL is XML User-interface Language.

Question 19 :What is full form of SMIL ?

Answers : full form of SMIL is Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language.

Question 20 :What is full form of XBL ?

Answers : full form of XBL is XML Binding Language.

Question 21 :What is full form of OPML ?

Answers : full form of OPML is Outline Processor Markup Language.

Question 22 :What is full form of HDMI ?

Answers : full form of HDMI is Handheld Device Markup Language.

Question 23 :What is full form of VRML ?

Answers : full form of VRML is Virtual Reality Modeling Language.

Question 24 :What is full form of SQL ?

Answers : full form of SQL is Structured Query Language.

Question 25 :What is full form of VBS ?

Answers : full form of VBS is Visual Basic Script.

Question 26 :What is full form of JSP ?

Answers : full form of JSP is Java Server Pages.

Question 27 :What is full form of SAP ?

Answers : full form of SAP is System Analysis and Programming.

Question 28 :What is full form of BCPL ?

Answers : full form of BCPL is Basic Combined Programming Language.

Question 29 :What is full form of XML ?

Answers : full form of XML is eXtensible Markup Language.

Question 30 :What is full form of BASIC ?

Answers : full form of BASIC is Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.

Question 31 :What is full form of ALGOL ?

Answers : full form of ALGOL is ALGOrithmic Language.

Question 32 :What is full form of JS ?

Answers : full form of JS is JavaScript.

Question 33 :What is full form of PERL ?

Answers : full form of PERL is Practical Extraction and Reporting Language.

Question 34 :What is full form of J2EE?

Answers : full form of J2EE is Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition.

Question 35 :What is full form of XSL ?

Answers : full form of XSL is Extensible Stylesheet Language.

Question 36 :What is full form of LISP ?

Answers : full form of LISP is list processing.

Question 37 :What is full form of ADO ?

Answers : full form of ADO is ActiveX Data Objects.

Question 38 :What is full form of VFP ?

Answers : full form of VFP is Visual FoxPro.

Question 39 :What is full form of Oracle ?

Answers : full form of Oracle is Oak Ridge Automatic Computer and Logical Engine.

Question 40 :What is full form of PROLOG ?

Answers : full form of PROLOG is Programmation logique.

Question 41 :What is full form of ASP ?

Answers : full form of ASP is Active Server Page.

Question 42 :What is full form of ASP ?

Answers : full form of ASP is Answer Set Programming.

Question 43 :What is full form of ASP ?

Answers : full form of ASP is Application Service Provider.

Question 44 :What is full form of CFML ?

Answers : full form of CFML is Cold Fusion Markup Language.

Question 45 :What is full form of FORTRAN ?

Answers : full form of FORTRAN is FORmula TRANslation language..

Question 46 :What is full form of JSON?

Answers : full form of JSON is JavaScript Object Notation.