Harshal Patel Biography

Harshal Patel Biography

It is said that success does not come in a day, but if you are determined, it definitely takes time to get success, but its fruit is sweet, only a person should keep working hard, success is definitely achieved, like Indian fast bowler Harshal Patel. Worked hard on his cricket, although he did not get success for a long time, but after working hard, he definitely got success, today we are going to talk about the biography of Indian team's fast bowler Harshal Patel.

 Harshal Patel Biography

Full Name Harshal Vikram Patel
date of birth 23 November 1990
Age 31
birth place Sanand gujrat
College H.A. college of commerece Ahmedabad gujrat
educational qualification Graduate
new residence New Jersey, USA
father's name Vikram Patel
mother's name Darshana Patel
profession Right arm medium bowler
height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 65 kg
Religion Hindu
the nationality Indian, American
Citizenship Indian and USA green card holder
interest music
coach tarak trivedi
eye color Black
hair color Black
favorite player Sachin Tendulkar
IPL Debut RCB 2012
international debut Not yet
home team Haryana (Captain)
jersey number 13

Harshal Patel was born

 Today Patel was born on 23 November 1990 in Sanand, Gujarat, India, his religion is Hindu and his caste is Patidar, Harshal Patel has a green card of America, that is, he has American citizenship, his family went to America but Harshal Patel stayed in India due to cricket.

 Harshal Patel's family

 Harshar Patel's family is Gujarati, his father's name is Vikram Patel, he works in Prime Flight Aviation, while his mother's name is Darshana Patel, he works in Dunkin' Donuts. His brother's name is Tapan Patel while Harshal Patel's coach's name is Tarak Trivedi. Started practicing and started staying here.

 Harshal Patel  's Education

 He received his education and practice from HA College of Commerce, Ahmedabad and graduated.

 Harshal Patel  's Early Life

 Harshal Patel was fond of playing cricket since childhood, he used to start his cricket career at the age of just 8, his father also sent him to Tarak Trivedi for coaching, seeing his talent, but till the age of 15, he Seeing no success, his father had gone to the US with his family and Harshal Patel, but Harshal Patel's mind was only in becoming a cricketer, someone came back to India from America to coach his cricket. Started his cricket practice, he learned many qualities of cricket from coach Tarak Trivedi.

 Harshal Patel 's career for domestic cricket

 After the brilliant performance of Harshal Patel, he got an opportunity to play in domestic cricket, where he joined the Aggressive Cricket Club in 2008, where he participated in this cricket league and here he performed brilliantly, after which Harshal Patel was promoted to the Gujarat Underground. -19 got a chance to play in the team where he performed brilliantly while playing in the 2008 and 2009 seasons and took 23 wickets.

 After this, on 15 February 2009, Harshal Patel got an opportunity to play for Gujarat against Maharashtra in the Vijay Hazare Trophy, where he gave 48 runs in 7 overs in his first match but he did not get any success.

After this, in 2010, Harshal Patel got a place in the ICC Under-19 team, although he did not get a chance to play here, but Harshal Patel did not give up and continued his hard work.

After that on 20 October 2011, Harshal Patel got the opportunity to play in the Kosiddhi Mushtaq Ali Trophy where he played Devi Piya in T20 cricket against Punjab where he gave 24 runs in 3 overs but no success was achieved.

 Harshal Patel IPL Career

Harshal Patel was performing brilliantly on behalf of Haryana team in domestic cricket, he got a chance to play in IPL in 2010, where Mumbai Indians team bought him for 8 lakh rupees.

After this, in 2011, he was also part of the team of Mumbai Indians in 2012. But here he did not get a chance to play, after that in the IPL auction of 2000 12, the team of Royal Challenge Bangalore bought it for ₹ 200000 and where he also got a chance to play, in 2012 he got a chance to play 12 matches where he played in 12 matches. Took 9 wickets

After this Harshal Patel got a chance to play three matches in 2014.

Harshal Patel got a chance to play 15 matches in 2015 where he took 17 wickets.

After this, Harshal Patel remained in the team of Royal Challengers Bangalore till 2017 but in 2018 the team of Delhi Capitals bought him for 200000 rupees. But even after coming to Delhi Capitals, Harshal Patel did not get much chance to play.

But once in the year 2021, he was bought only in the team of Royal Challenger Bangalore, where he had a great performance, this time Harshal Patel came to the IPL with the determination to do something different. Playing for RCB in the very first match of IPL 2021 season, Harshal Patel showed five batsmen of Mumbai Indians the way to the pavilion. He played 15 matches this season where he took 32 wickets and became the first Indian to take the highest wicket-taker in IPL, equaling Dwayne Bravo's record with this.

 In the first match of the 2021 IPL, Harshal Patel took a hat-trick in which he showed the way to the pavilion to batsmen like Kieron Pollard, Hardik Pandya, Rahul Chahar and in this match he took 5 wickets.

 Harshal Patel had a great performance in this entire IPL season, in view of his excellent performance, he was also selected as the Player of the Tournament of IPL 2021.

International cricket career of Harshal Patel

 After a spectacular performance in IPL 2021, Harshal Patel got a chance to play his first international match against New Zealand in 2021, where he played his first international match as a T20 match.

 Harshal Patel's T20 cricket career

Harshit Patel's first T20 match was played against New Zealand on 19 November 2021 and in his first match itself, he bowled brilliantly, taking two wickets for 25 runs in 4 overs, due to this brilliant performance, he got his first international match only. Received man of the match award.

 Harshal Patel's girlfriend

 no information yet

 Harshal Patel Income

 The estimated income of Harshal Patel is ₹ 400000000, apart from this his annual income is around ₹ 5000000.