Biography of Zaheer Khan

Biography of Zaheer Khan

Although batting has been dominant in India from the beginning, but in the beginning of India, the bowling was not good at all, but some players have come in the Indian team, due to which the Indian team bowling department has become strong, one of them is Zaheer Khan. We are going to talk about some unheard stories of Zaheer Khan.

Biography of Zaheer Khan (zaheer khan biography)

At the time when Zaheer Khan started playing international cricket, India had a very small number of fast bowlers and left-handed fast bowlers are negligible with India, but after coming to Zaheer Khan's team India today, Team India Got a support, was actually a really creepy fast bowler of the 2000s, which used to scare the batsmen of that time, talking that I had kept myself completely in control and kept working hard on my bowling, whose Because of this, even today people still like to see his bowling.

Birth of Zaheer Khan

Talk about Zaheer Khan was born on 7 October 1978 in an intermediate Muslim family of Shrirampura Maharashtra, his family was a laughing family, due to which Zaheer Khan supported to play cricket Zaheer Khan studied engineering but more interest than Used to play cricket due to which he is known as cricketer

Zaheer Khan Family

Zaheer Khan's family is an intermediate family, it was his father's name is Bakhtiyar Khan who is a photographer, the rest of his mother's name is his mother's name Zaheer Khan who is a teacher while he also has two brothers named Zeeshan. Khan and Anish Khan, apart from this he has a wife named Sagarika Khan, apart from this he also has two children.

Zaheer Khan's Education

Zaheer Khan was from a poor family and his childhood was spent in very poverty. Zaheer Khan has worked very hard in his career and Zaheer Khan has been working very hard since his school days. He completed his education from New Maharashtra Prime School. Apart from this, he also received higher education from Soumya Secondary School.

Zaheer Khan's early career

Talking about Zaheer Khan's early career, Zaheer Khan's early cricket career was very difficult, Zaheer Khan initially wanted to study engineering and his family wanted to make him an engineer, but when Zaheer Khan used to play cricket in his street. Everyone was surprised to see his way of playing this cricket, due to which Zaheer Khan also started taking interest in cricket and when this interest turned into passion and madness, Zaheer Khan did not even know this but his father also asked Zaheer Khan to play cricket. But Zaheer Khan's father wanted Zaheer Khan to study and also pay attention to cricket, due to this Zaheer Khan came to Mumbai and joined Mumbai National Cricket Club in Mumbai but after coming to Mumbai Zaheer Khan's He did not have enough money to live with his own room, due to which he used to stay here with the relative, due to which he always got land.but had to sleep

Who was Sudhir Nayak of Mumbai National Academy at that time, who supported Zaheer Khan a lot, he got Zaheer Khan on a job in a private company with his help, where Zaheer Khan used to get ₹ 5000, which Zaheer Khan would have lived well. Was

Zaheer Khan also performed very well while playing for the National Cricket Club, due to which his coach Sudhir was very impressed and he sent that Zaheer Khan to the MRF Foundation in Chennai, at that time the great Australian fast bowler Devil Lilly in the MRF Foundation. When he saw Zaheer Khan's talent, he was also amazed and said that his future in Indian cricket would be very bright, this was also felt by the MRF Pace Foundation and it was time to send Zaheer Khan to Vadodara Gujarat for first class cricket. And Zaheer Khan also played that opportunity very well and showed his skills while bowling very well.

International career of Zaheer Khan

Zaheer Khan got a wonderful gift because of his brilliant performance in domestic cricket Zaheer Khan was selected in the Indian team in 2002 and on 3 November 2002 he made his debut in ODI cricket. He played his first match against Kenya and the first match. In 2000, he was included in the Indian Test team in 2000 i.e. in the same year, and Zaheer Khan played Test cricket on 10 November 2000. Made his debut in and played his first match against Bangladesh

Zaheer Khan was consistently performing very well in Test and ODI cricket and there was some special thing about Zaheer Khan that he used to bowl superbly with the new and old ball, he never deviated from his line and length and bowled the exact ball. Sourav Ganguly knew this very well, due to which he used to get Zaheer Khan to openly bowl, due to which the batsman who batted in front of this Khan was very restrained. Sourav Ganguly included in the team of three experienced fast bowlers like Srinath Ashish Nehra and Ajit Agarkar and Zaheer Khan also did not let Sourav Ganguly lose his confidence and continued to perform well.

Zaheer Khan's performance was going well, but now there was a chance to bowl Zaheer Khan in the World Cup 2003, here Zaheer Khan's bowling was going to prove to be important for the Indian team. On the strength of Rahul Dravid's batting and Zaheer Khan's bowling, the Indian team reached the final in 2003 for the first time since 1983, Zaheer Khan's performance was excellent in this World Cup and became the highest wicket-taker and talk and he was fourth. He scored a good number of deliveries throughout the tournament and put the batsmen in trouble Zaheer Khan lost his concentration due to a verbal war with Matthew Hayden in the final of the 2003 World Cup, Zaheer Khan proved to be very expensive in this final match. He gave away 67 runs in 7 overs and India lost that final match.

zaheer khan tough times

Every cricketer has a difficult phase, in the same way Zaheer Khan also had a difficult period, Zaheer Kar got injured again and again in his career, whose effect was visible on his cricket career, he started getting out of the Indian team many times. Now we started getting opportunities for new fast bowlers, in which fast bowlers like RP Singh Sreesanth Munaf Patel Irfan Pathan started coming in the Indian team and started performing very well and due to which India did not miss Zaheer Khan when Zaheer Khan became fit. Now it became very difficult for him to make a place in the team because there were already very good bowlers, then he took the decision of playing England county cricket in 2005 and started bowling brilliantly while playing England county cricket for 5 consecutive months, where he overall Due to this performance taking 78 wickets, Zaheer Khan was taken once again in the Indian team.

Zaheer Khan World Cup

After Zaheer Khan's continuous performance in England counting cricket, Zaheer Khan was selected for the 2007 tour of South Africa in 2007, where Zaheer Khan's performance started to shine and he started performing very well in the World Cup 2007. Team India had a very disappointing performance from this year itself, continued its performance better, but just a few years later, the World Cup 2011 was the golden moment of Zaheer Khan's career, where Zaheer Khan bowled brilliantly in the 2011 World Cup. In the 2011 World Cup, the ball was used by Zaheer Khan against England, where Team India was about to lose the match, but due to the brilliant bowling of Zaheer Khan, the match ended in a tie. In this World Cup, Zaheer Khan took 21 wickets in 9 matches and it is known that even after the World Cup, Zaheer Khan's consistent performance is superb.continued to perform brilliantly in test cricket

Zaheer Khan's IPL Career

Talk about Zaheer Khan's IPL's Real Key and Zaheer Khan has played Total 100 matches in IPL where he has taken 102 wickets in 100 matches of the entire IPL. Zaheer Khan was first seen playing for the Royal Challengers Bangalore team. Even after that, he was seen in Mumbai and last playing for Delhi.

International cricket records of Zaheer Khan

ज़हीर खान Batting Statistics (Zaheer Khan Batting Statistics

Mat 92 200 17 100
Inn 127 101 4 32
Runs 1230 792 13 117
Avg 11.94 12.0 6.5 8.36
SR 51.66 73.47 130.0 82.98
HS 75 34 9 23
NO 24 35 2 18
100s 0 0 0 0
50s 3 0 0 0
4s 141 69 0 11
6s 28 24 1 2

ज़हीर खान Bowling Statistics (Zaheer Khan Bowling Statistics)

Mat 92 200 17 100
Inn 165 197 17 99
Balls 18785 10097 352 2200
Runs 10247 8301 448 2782
Wkt 311 282 17 102
BBI 87 / 7 42 / 5 19 / 4 17 / 4
BBM 149 / 10 42 / 5 19 / 4 17 / 4
Eco 3.27 4.93 7.64 7.59
Avg 32.95 29.44 26.35 27.27
5W 11 1 0 0
10W 1 0 0 0

Zaheer Khan's retirement and debut in international

Zaheer Khan Test Debut

vs Bangladesh at Bangabandhu National Stadium, Nov 10, 2000

Zaheer Khan Last Test

vs New Zealand at Basin Reserve, Feb 14, 2014

Zaheer Khan ODI debut

vs Kenya at Gymkhana Club Ground, Oct 03, 2000

Zaheer Khan Last ODI

vs Sri Lanka at Pallekele International Cricket Stadium, Aug 04, 2012

Zaheer Khan T20 debut

vs South Africa at The Wanderers Stadium, Dec 01, 2006

Zaheer Khan Last T20

vs South Africa at R.Premadasa Stadium, Oct 02, 2012

Zaheer Khan IPL debut

vs Kolkata Knight Riders at M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Apr 18, 2008

Zaheer Khan Last IPL

vs Royal Challengers Bangalore at Arun Jaitley Stadium, May 14, 2017

Zaheer khan Achievements/Records - Zaheer Khan Awards\Records

(1) In Test cricket 5 times "Man of the Match" and 3 times "Man of the Series" have been found.
(2) Has got Zaheer 6 times in ODI cricket "Man of the match" and 1 time "Man of the series" has got

(3) Zaheer's record of highest score 75 runs while batting at number 11 in Test (Bangladesh) against which was later broken by West Indies' Best in 2012.

(4) The record of highest partnership for 10th wicket in Test is also in the name of Zaheer. Zaheer had a partnership of 133 runs with Sachin Tendulkar.

(5) Zaheer Khan is the fifth bowler in the Indian to take the highest wicket in Test.(311) and comes in 4th place in ODI cricket.

Zaheer Khan Award

(1) Zaheer has received the "Wisden Cricketer of the Year" in 2008.

(2) Zaheer has received the "Arjuna Award" from the Indian government in 2011.