Biography of Varun Chakravarti

Biography of Varun Chakravarti

" Karat-karat abhyas ke, jadmati hot sujan."This shloka is applicable to the life of every hard working person and every unsuccessful man needs a motivation movement to motivate today we are going to talk about one such unsuccessful man we are talking about. Indian Bowler Mystery About Varun Chakraborty Chakraborty had started his cricket career at a young age, but due to failure in cricket, he took a break from cricket for a long time and deviated from his career to think of a different dream. But he always tries to make those dreams come true at a young age, similarly Varun Chakraborty also got success in his dream and in the end there was such a dominance in cricket which he did not even expect. Thi today we are going to talk about some important movements in the life of Varun Chakravarthy Indian right arm spinner mystery bowling

Varun Chakravarthy Biography

Full Name Varun Chakravarthy Vinod
Brith place Bidar Karnataka
DOB 29-Aug-1991
Current Age 30 Year (2021)
Professional spin bowler
Education SRM University Tamil Nadu
Education Bachelor of Architecture
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Father's Name C V Vinod Chakravarthy
Mother's Name Malini Chakravarthy
Wife Name Neha Khedekar
Sister Name vandita chakraborty
domestic cricket debut 2018 for Tamil Nadu
IPL Debut 2019 for Punjab

Varun Chakraborty's Birth and Family

Talk Varun Chakraborty was born on August 29, 1991, he was born in Tamil Nadu, he belongs to a Hindu family, talk about his father used to work in Bhartiya Sanchar Nigam Limited Company, his mother's name is Malani Chakraborty. is | He also has a sister named Vandita Chakraborty. Varun Chakraborty's family was such a family that did not show much interest in cricket, due to which he used to always ask Varun to concentrate on studies but Varun Chakraborty's attention was more in cricket than studies.

Varun Chakraborty's Early Career

Varun Chakraborty has seen a lot of ups and downs in his cricket career but he has learned something from the bad days of his career. He started playing cricket at an early age, although he did not get support from his family towards cricket, but Varun Chakraborty continued his hard work, even in his hard work, he left his side at one time, but the person who works hard once in life. He definitely gets the fruits of that hard work one day or the other, something similar happened to Chakraborty when he returned to cricket after 7 years.

Varun Chakraborty's Cricket Career

Varun Chakraborty started his cricket career in a different style, which is different from today. Initially, Varun Chakraborty used to be a wicket-keeper batsman but with time he became successful as a spin bowler, later he became a wicket-keeper batsman. Leaving spin bowling and currently who are the players who are known as mystery bowlers because Varun Chakraborty can bowl 8 types of balls using his wrists which can always trouble the batsman

Why did Varun Chakraborty quit cricket?

After continuous failure in cricket, Varun Chakraborty took a break from cricket in 2013 as his family members started advising him to leave cricket and study, after which Varun Chakraborty left cricket in 2013 and did an architect course from SRM University Chennai University where Studied for 4 consecutive years

After studies, Varun Chakraborty also did a job for 2 years but his mind was more in cricket than job, due to which in 2018, at the age of 25, Varun Chakraborty decided to leave his job and join cricket again.

Varun Chakraborty's Domestic Cricket Career

When Varun Chakraborty returned to cricket at the age of 25, this return was not easy for Varun Chakraborty but he worked hard, on the basis of which Varun Chakraborty got a chance to play for Tamil Nadu in Vijay Hazare Trophy in 2018. Where he performed brilliantly in his first match, in this season Varun Chakraborty took 22 wickets in 9 matches playing for Tamil Nadu, which was the highest for his team at that time, along with Varun Chakraborty in domestic cricket. After a great performance, his hopes were awakened on playing cricket.

IPL 2019 was an important year for Varun Chakraborty, this year his performance in domestic cricket was excellent, due to which Varun Chakraborty got an opportunity to play in IPL in 2019.

Varun Chakraborty's IPL Career

After Varun Chakraborty's consistent performance in domestic cricket, he got an opportunity to play IPL in 2019 where the team of Kings XI Punjab included him in the team at a good price but in 2019 his luck did not support him in IPL and IPL In 2019, he got a chance to play in one match for Kings XI Punjab but proved to be very expensive in another of them, since then he did not get a chance but in IPL 2020, Kolkata Knight Riders team showed faith in Varun Chakraborty and Varun Chakraborty became the most expensive selling player in Ankhaibari Player and Varun Chakraborty proved it to be right reached.

Varun Chakraborty's International Career

Varun Chakraborty's T20 Career

After Varun Chakraborty's brilliant performance in IPL 2021, he got an opportunity to debut in T20 cricket on 25 July 2021, where he played against Sri Lanka in his first match, Varun Chakraborty bowling one wicket for 28 runs in 4 overs. achieved |

Varun Chakraborty's T20 World Cup

Seeing Varun Chakraborty's consistent performance in IPL 2021, he got an opportunity to play for India in the International T20 World Cup, he played his first match against Pakistan, but his performance in this match was not special.

Why is Varun Chakraborty called a mystery bowler? (Why is Varun Chakraborty called a mystery bowler?)

Varun Chakraborty's return to cricket came when he improved his bowling skills Varun Chakraborty is a player who uses his wrists properly while he can trouble a batsman by bowling in many ways Varun Chakraborty can bowl many types of bowling, due to which people also know him by the name of mystery spinner, who brought in Lamhe Pyar Ke.

Varun Chakraborty wife

Varun Chakraborty got married to his girlfriend Neha Khedekar on 11th December 2020 in Chennai.

Varun Chakravarthy Net Worth

Name Varun Chakravarthy
Age 30
Occupation Cricketer
Other sources of wealth Advertisements
Net Worth $2 million (INR 15 crores)
Salary INR 4 crores
Residence Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Endorsements and Sponsors RNS
Charity N/A
Marital Status Married to Neha Khedekar
Last Updated September 2021