Biography of Mohammed Shami

Biography of Mohammed Shami

 Well the world runs on money, a rich's son can fulfill any of his dreams but a poor's son has to work hard to fulfill his dream and especially when his dream is related to cricket in a country like India. It is even more difficult, but on the basis of his hard work, today a child of a poor family is making his family and his name in cricket, he is no other famous Indian fast bowler Mohammed Shami, then today we will talk about Mohammed Shami. amazing secret to talk about

Biography of  Mohammed Shami

M:- Mohammed Shami
Date of Birth:- 9 September 1990
Age:- 30 years (up to 2021)
birth place:- Delhi, India
Hometown:- Amroha, Uttar Pradesh
Citizenship / Nationality: - Indian
Business:- Cricketer (Bowler)
Horoscope:- Pisces
Religion:- Muslim/Islam

Birth of Mohammed Shami

 Talking about Mohammed Shami was born on 9 March 1990 in Amroli district of Uttar Pradesh, his village is Saharanpur Mohammed Shami was born in a Muslim intermediate farmer family.

Mohammed Shami  's family

 Talk about Mohammed Shami's family is a resident of Uttar Pradesh since birth, Mohammed Shami's family is a farmer's family, talk about his father's name, his father's name is Tauseef Ahmed Ali, who has reached heaven, his father used to be a farmer. Talking the same thing, his mother's name is Aum Ara , besides Mohammed Shami has three brothers, apart from this he is married, whose wife's name is Haseena Jahan but she is currently separated from Mohammed Shami due to some controversies. While he also has a daughter named Irani Shami.

 Cricket career of Mohammed Shami

 Mohammed Shami's family Being a poor family, he had to face a lot of troubles in starting his cricket career, but Mohammed Shami did not turn his back on his troubles and kept on working hard and he got the fruits of this hard work. Shami was interested in cricket since childhood, due to which he had dreamed of making a career in cricket, due to which he started playing cricket since childhood.

 Mohammed Shami used to coach cricket Cricket coach Mohammed Shami used to coach cricket near cricket coach Badruddin Siddha Kuai, he used to coach him 22 km away from Mohammed Shami's village, he used to coach Mohammed Shami 22 from his village kilometers away

 When he was 15 years old in Jammu, his father sent him to Kolkata. He sent him to play cricket at Dalhousie Athletic Club in Kolkata.

 After this Mohammed Shami was sent to Mohun Bagan Club, where Sourav Ganguly saw Shami bowling, then Mohammed Shami was very impressed with the talent and in 2010 Mohammed Shami made a place in the Bengal team in first-class cricket. Mohammed Shami is from Uttar Pradesh but he played first class cricket for Bengal team and in his very first match, Mohammed Shami played for Bengal team and made a great debut by taking 3 wickets against Asan.

 Mohammed Shami performed brilliantly in the 2012-13 Ranji Trophy and got a chance to play in international cricket due to Shami's brilliant performance in the mouth.

 In this Ranji Trophy season, Mohammed Shami took 10 wickets in a match against Hyderabad, while Mohammed Shami took a hat-trick in one match of this season itself.

 International career of Mohammed Shami

After Mummy's consistent performance in domestic cricket, she got a chance to play in international cricket.

One Day Career of  Mohammed Shami

 He started his international career against the under pressure Pakistan team where Mohammed Shami had performed well. Huh

 Mohammed Shami's T20 Career

 Mohammed Shami also made his T20 debut against Pakistan, he started his T20 career on 21 March 2014.

 Test career of Mohammed Shami

Mohammed Shami made his Test debut against West Indies at the Eden Gardens, he played his first Test match on 6 November 2013.

 And at this time Mohammed Shami is an important part of India's Test team and a date specialist bowler.

IPL Career of  Mohammed Shami

 After the consistent performance of Mohammed Shami, he got a chance to play in the IPL. Shami has played 8 seasons in the IPL so far, while he has played for three teams. He played against Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur on 8 April 2013 and he played this match for Kolkata Knight Riders.

Mohammed Shami played for Kolkata Knight Riders in 2013, he is part of the team of Delhi Capitals from 2014 to 2018, after which in the 2019 IPL auction, the team of Punjab Kings bought Mohammed Shami for 4 points 8 crores.