Biography of Chris Gayle

Biography of Chris Gayle

A good batsman has to be careful while batting in front of a good bowler, but in international cricket, there are some batsmen in front of whom a good bowler also has to be careful in bowling well, one of them is Universal Bowl Boss i.e. Chris Gayle Chris Gayle Cricket I am a stormy batsman, known for his stormy batting, do not hesitate to play in front of any bowler in international cricket, then today we are going to talk about the unheard secret of Chris Gayle's life in this blog.

Chris Gayle Biography In Hindi

Name Christopher Henry Gayle
Birth 21 September 1979
birth place Kingston, Jamaica
Father Dudley Gayle
Mother Hazel Gayle
wife Natasha Herries (Natasha Berridge)
Daughter blush
T-shirt number 333
Religion :christian


Universe Boss, Henry, Gayle-Force, Gayle Storm, World Boss

Chris Gayle born

The birth of Chris Gayle talked about the birth of Chris Gayle, then Chris Gayle was born in Kingston, Jamaica, he was born on September 21, 1969, his full name is Christopher Henry Gayle, people affectionately called Universe Boss, Henry, Gayle-Force, Gayle Storm, also known as the World Boss, plays as an all-rounder, although he prefers to bat, bowls with his right hand and is known to bat with his left hand.

Chris Gayle's family

Chris Gayle's family talked about Chris Gayle's family, then Chris Gayle was born in a poor family, his family was very poor, his father's name was Doodle Gayle, who was a policeman, he would talk about his mother's mother's name Hazel Geltha, who used to make a living by selling groundnuts on the side of the road, is the same thing as her family used to pick up junk from the garbage.

Chris Gayle's childhood

We can not guess about a laughing person just like we can not guess about Chris Gayle Chris Gayle is always seen laughing in cricket but we do not know how many troubles he faced in his childhood. Talking about Chris Gayle, Chris Gayle has struggled a lot in his childhood, when he is called the Universal Boss of cricket today, talk about Chris Gayle has also chosen garbage to fill his stomach, once let us tell you that Chris Gayle's childhood passed in so much poverty that what he did not do to fill his stomach, but today on the basis of my struggle and hard work, I rule the hearts of millions of fans of the country and the world.

Chris Gayle has also recalled the days of his childhood struggle in an interview, he told what kind of sorrows he has burnt to fill his stomach, he told that I used to do garbage from the street without plastic bottles from them. Used to sort and sell, from which I used to get money. Once in childhood, I had to steal due to lack of money. Poor poverty also became an obstacle in front of Chris Gayle's dreams in childhood.

Due to financial constraints, Chris Gayle could not join any cricket academy, but due to his talent and skill and passion, poverty also did not spoil him.

Cricket career of Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle started his cricket career playing for Jamaica, he was not such a good cricketer initially because he did not practice so much in the cricket academy but he scored only one run in his first ODI but Gayle lost. He did not believe, he kept trying and became perfect, after Gayle's million efforts, he played his first ODI match in front of India. In 1999, playing for the West Indies in 2002, became the first player to score 1000 runs in a single year. Chris Gayle He is also the first player to score a double century in the Cricket World Cup.

After this, Chris Gayle's consistent performance continued well and Chris Gayle did not look back again, Chris Gayle saw a lot of ups and downs in his cricket career, he also got into controversies many times, he also got into controversies due to smoking and alcohol in the field. But Chris Gayle did not make any difference to it and he continued to take his cricket forward, Chris Gayle has made many big records in international cricket, in which it is very difficult to break by any cricketer Chris Gayle's performance in Tests Cricket has been much better in all three formats in ODIs and T20s, especially Chris Gayle's performance in T20 has been excellent.

Chris Gayle's IPL Career-

Talking about Chris Gayle's IPL, Chris Gayle has started his IPL cricket in 2009, who has played three IPL teams so far, first he used to play with Kolkata Knight Riders, then he used to play with Royal Challengers. After playing for a long time with Bangalore, now he plays for the team of Punjab, talk about his IPL career, so far he has played 140 matches in IPL where he has scored 4950 runs while he has hit 357 sixes in IPL. That is the highest he IPL's highest score is 175 which is the highest score ever

Cricket records of Chris Gayle

क्रिस गेल Batting Statistics (Chris Gayle Batting Statistics)

Mat 103 301 74 140
Inn 182 294 70 139
Runs 7215 10480 1854 4950
Avg 42.19 37.7 29.43 40.24
SR 60.28 87.2 139.19 149.46
HS 333 215 117 175
NO 11 16 7 16
100s 15 25 2 6
50s 37 54 14 31
4s 1046 1128 155 404
6s 98 331 121 357

क्रिस गेलBowling Statistics (Chris Gayle Bowling Statistics)

Mat 103 301 74 140
Inn 104 199 29 38
Balls 7109 7424 375 554
Runs 3120 5926 433 729
Wkt 73 167 19 18
BBI 34 / 5 46 / 5 15 / 2 21 / 2
BBM 81 / 6 46 / 5 15 / 2 21 / 2
Eco 2.63 4.79 6.93 7.9
Avg 42.74 35.49 22.79 40.5
5W 2 1 0 0
10W 0 0 0 0

Chris Gayle debut in international cricket

Career Information

Chris GayleTest debut

vs Zimbabwe at Queen's Park Oval, Mar 16, 2000

Chris GayleLast Test

vs Bangladesh at Arnos Vale Ground, Sep 05, 2014

Chris GayleODI debut

vs India at Toronto CSCC, Sep 11, 1999

Chris GayleT20 debut

vs New Zealand at Eden Park, Feb 16, 2006

Chris GayleIPL debut

vs Delhi Capitals at Arun Jaitley Stadium, May 22, 2008

Chris Gayle records

Chris Gayle had hit a six on the very first ball in his very first test match, he is the first player to do so.

Chris Gayle is the fourth player in the world to score three centuries in a test match.

Chris Gayle is the first player in the world to score 175 runs in T20

West Indies is the first player in the world to score a double century in the World Cup.

Chris Gayle is the player to score a century in all three formats of cricket.

Chris Gayle is the first player to score 10000 runs in T20

Chris Gayle is the first player to score the fastest 4000 runs in IPL

Chris Gayle also holds the record for most sixes in international cricket.

Chris Gayle's record Chris Gayle has scored a century in 30 balls in IPL

Chris Gayle bowls as well as bats

Chris Gayle Income

Gayle was one of the most expensive selling player in IPL 2014. Talking about his annual salary, his annual income is $ 7.5 million, while his net worth is around $ 35 million.

Chris Gayle Award

Was adjudged man of the match in the 2006 ICC Champions Trophy

Was named Jamaica Sportsman of the Year in 2006 and 2010

Have won the Orange Cap in IPL in 2011

Won the award for hitting maximum sixes in 2011

Have won the Orange Cap in IPL 2012

Won the award for hitting most sixes in IPL 2012

Won the award for hitting most sixes in IPL 2013

Won the award for hitting most sixes in IPL 2015

Chris Gayle wife and girlfriend

Talking about Chris Gayle's personal life, Chris Gayle is not married yet, he is in a relationship with his girlfriend Natasha Berridge, but he has not married yet. He also has a daughter with his girlfriend named Blush (Daughter) ) Is