all Sports Related Terms Full Form

all Sports Related Terms Full Form

Important Sports Related Terms Full Form

No. Acronym Full Form
1 ICC International Cricket Council
2 ICL Indian Cricket League
3 ODI One Day International
4 IPL Indian Premier League
5 CCI Cricket Club of India
6 BWF Badminton World Federation
7 IABF Indian Amateur Boxing Federation
8 AAAA Asian Amateur Athletics Association
9 IRFU Indian Rugby Football Union
10 IHAI Ice Hockey Association of India
11 AAFI Amateur Athletics Federation of India
12 AAI Archery Association of India
13 AICF All India Chess Federation
14 ACA Australian Cricketer’s Association
15 AFC American Football Conference
16 TTFI Table Tennis Federation of India
17 AGF Asian Games Federation
18 AIFF All India Football Federation
19 AIBA Amateur International Boxing Association
20 AKFI Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India
21 GCC Gulf Co-operation Council
22 FIFA Federation International De Football Association
23 IOC International Olympic Committee
24 CFI Cycling Federation of India
25 BCB Bangladesh Cricket Board
26 CA Cricket Australia
27 ECB England and Wales Cricket Board
28 SRFI Squash Racquets Federation of India
29 FICA Federation of International Cricketers’ Association
30 FIH Federation of International Hockey
31 HI Hockey India
32 WBA World Boxing Association
33 SAFF South Asian Football Federation
34 PCB Pakistan Cricket Board
35 SLC Sri-Lanka Cricket
36 ISF International Snowboard Federation
37 NASCAR National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing
38 NCAA National Collegiate Athletic Association
39 NHL National Hockey League
40 NSF National Sports Federation
41 NZC New-Zealand Cricket
42 UEFA Union of European Football Associations
43 PCA Punjab Cricket Association
44 BFI Basketball Federation of India
45 INLF Indian National Lacrosse Federation
46 PGA Professional Golfers Association
47 SAI Sports Authority of India
48 ICFB India Chess Federation for the Blind
49 IHF International Hockey Federation
50 ITF International Tennis Federation
51 WCBS World Confederation of Billiards Sports
52 BCA Baroda Cricket Association
53 IOA Indian Olympic Association
54 DRS Decision Review System
55 HIL Hockey India League
56 BCCI Board of Control for Cricket in India
57 AAG Afro-Asian Games
58 SCAT Sport Concussion Assessment Tool
59 ECC European Cricket Council
60 ICF All India Carrom Federation
61 AIFA All India Football Association
62 WIRSO World Inter-School Rope Skipping Organization
63 NBA National Basketball Association
64 MCC Melbourne Cricket Club
65 BPL Bangladesh Premier League
66 IBF Indian Boxing Federation
67 ITTF International Table Tennis Federation
68 NSO National Sports Organization (India)
69 RSSC Rajasthan State Sports Council
70 NFI Netball Federation of India
71 NFL National Football League
72 IGF International Golf Federation
73 UCI Union Cycliste Internationale
74 WWE World Wrestling Entertainment
75 AITA All India Tennis Association
76 VCA Veteran Cricket Association
77 ISSF International Shooting Sport Federation
78 UWW United World Wrestling
79 RFI Rowing Federation of India
80 UCBSA United Cricket Board of South Africa
81 CGF Commonwealth Games Federation
82 ACC Asian Cricket Council
83 IFG International Gymnastics Federation
84 SCA Saurashtra Cricket Association
85 NRAI National Rifle Association of India
86 WISPA Women’s International Squash Players Association
87 SLAM Sports as a Laboratory Assessment Model
88 NIS National Institute of Sports
89 ASOIF Association of Summer Olympic International Federations
90 CPL Caribbean Premier League
91 WPA World Pool-Billiard Association
92 IAAF International Association of Athletics Federations
93 ISU International Skating Union
94 IIHF International Ice Hockey Federation
95 WSSA World Sport Stacking Association
96 WBSC World Baseball Softball Confederation
97 FIBA Federation International Basketball Association
98 IWF International Weightlifting Federation
99 WCA World Cube Association
100 IFAF International Federation of American Football
101 IFSC International Federation of Sport Climbing
102 WWF World Wrestling Federation
103 IHF International Handball Federation
104 RLIF Rugby League International Federation
105 WCF World Curling Federation
106 IFA Indian Football Association
107 IJF International Judo Federation
108 IBSF International Billiards and Snooker Federation
109 ITHF International Table Hockey Federation
110 AICS All India Council of Sports
111 BAI Badminton Association of India
112 TNSCA Tamil Nadu State Chess Association
113 VFI Volleyball Federation of India
114 FIVB Federation International De Volleyball
115 JRFI Jump Rope Federation of India
116 BSFI Billiards and Snooker Federation of India
117 ABFI Amateur Baseball Federation of India
118 RSPB Railways Sports Promotion Board
119 SSCB Services Sports Control Board
Question 1 :What is full form of ICC?

Answers : full form of ICC is International Cricket Council.

Question 2 :What is full form of ICL?

Answers : full form of ICL is Indian Cricket League.

Question 3 :What is full form of ODI?

Answers : full form of ODI is One Day International.

Question 4 :What is full form of IPL?

Answers : full form of IPL is Indian Premier League.

Question 5 :What is full form of CCI?

Answers : full form of CCI is Cricket Club of India.

Question 6 :What is full form of BWF?

Answers : full form of BWF is Badminton World Federation.

Question 7 :What is full form of IABF?

Answers : full form of IABF is Indian Amateur Boxing Federation.

Question 8 :What is full form of AAAA?

Answers : full form of AAAA is Asian Amateur Athletics Association.

Question 9 :What is full form of IRFU?

Answers : full form of IRFU is Indian Rugby Football Union.

Question 10 :What is full form of IHAI?

Answers : full form of IHAI is Ice Hockey Association of India.

Question 11 :What is full form of AAFI?

Answers : full form of AAFI is Amateur Athletics Federation of India.

Question 12 :What is full form of AAI?

Answers : full form of AAI is Archery Association of India.

Question 13 :What is full form of AICF?

Answers : full form of AICF is All India Chess Federation.

Question 14 :What is full form of ACA?

Answers : full form of ACA is Australian Cricketer’s Association.

Question 15 :What is full form of AFC?

Answers : full form of AFC is American Football Conference.

Question 16 :What is full form of TTFI?

Answers : full form of TTFI is Table Tennis Federation of India.

Question 17 :What is full form of AGF?

Answers : full form of AGF is Asian Games Federation.

Question 18 :What is full form of AIFF?

Answers : full form of AIFF is All India Football Federation.

Question 19 :What is full form of AIBA?

Answers : full form of AIBA is Amateur International Boxing Association.

Question 20 :What is full form of AKFI?

Answers : full form of AKFI is Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India.

Question 21 :What is full form of GCC?

Answers : full form of GCC is Gulf Co-operation Council.

Question 22 :What is full form of FIFA?

Answers : full form of FIFA is Federation International De Football Association.

Question 23 :What is full form of IOC?

Answers : full form of IOC is International Olympic Committee.

Question 24 :What is full form of CFI?

Answers : full form of CFI is Cycling Federation of India.

Question 25 :What is full form of BCB?

Answers : full form of BCB is Bangladesh Cricket Board.

Question 26 :What is full form of CA?

Answers : full form of CA is Cricket Australia.

Question 27 :What is full form of ECB?

Answers : full form of ECB is England and Wales Cricket Board.

Question 28 :What is full form of SRFI?

Answers : full form of SRFI is Squash Racquets Federation of India.

Question 29 :What is full form of FICA?

Answers : full form of FICA is Federation of International Cricketers’ Association.

Question 30 :What is full form of FIH?

Answers : full form of FIH is Federation of International Hockey.

Question 31 :What is full form of HI?

Answers : full form of HI is Hockey India.

Question 32 :What is full form of WBA?

Answers : full form of WBA is World Boxing Association.

Question 33 :What is full form of SAFF?

Answers : full form of SAFF is South Asian Football Federation.

Question 34 :What is full form of PCB?

Answers : full form of PCB is Pakistan Cricket Board.

Question 35 :What is full form of SLC?

Answers : full form of SLC is Sri-Lanka Cricket.

Question 36 :What is full form of ISF?

Answers : full form of ISF is International Snowboard Federation.

Question 37 :What is full form of NASCAR?

Answers : full form of NASCAR is National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing.

Question 38 :What is full form of NCAA?

Answers : full form of NCAA is National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Question 39 :What is full form of NHL?

Answers : full form of NHL is National Hockey League.

Question 40 :What is full form of NSF?

Answers : full form of NSF is National Sports Federation.

Question 41 :What is full form of NZC?

Answers : full form of NZC is New-Zealand Cricket.

Question 42 :What is full form of UEFA?

Answers : full form of UEFA is Union of European Football Associations.

Question 43 :What is full form of PCA?

Answers : full form of PCA is Punjab Cricket Association.

Question 44 :What is full form of BFI?

Answers : full form of BFI is Basketball Federation of India.

Question 45 :What is full form of INLF?

Answers : full form of INLF is Indian National Lacrosse Federation.

Question 46 :What is full form of PGA?

Answers : full form of PGA is Professional Golfers Association.

Question 47 :What is full form of SAI?

Answers : full form of SAI is Sports Authority of India.

Question 48 :What is full form of ICFB?

Answers : full form of ICFB is India Chess Federation for the Blind.

Question 49 :What is full form of IHF?

Answers : full form of IHF is International Hockey Federation.

Question 50 :What is full form of ITF?

Answers : full form of ITF is International Tennis Federation.

Question 51 :What is full form of WCBS?

Answers : full form of WCBS is World Confederation of Billiards Sports.

Question 52 :What is full form of BCA?

Answers : full form of BCA is Baroda Cricket Association.

Question 53 :What is full form of IOA?

Answers : full form of IOA is Indian Olympic Association.

Question 54 :What is full form of DRS?

Answers : full form of DRS is Decision Review System.

Question 55 :What is full form of HIL?

Answers : full form of HIL is Hockey India League.

Question 56 :What is full form of BCCI?

Answers : full form of BCCI is Board of Control for Cricket in India.

Question 57 :What is full form of AAG?

Answers : full form of AAG is Afro-Asian Games.

Question 58 :What is full form of SCAT?

Answers : full form of SCAT is Sport Concussion Assessment Tool.

Question 59 :What is full form of ECC?

Answers : full form of ECC is European Cricket Council.

Question 60 :What is full form of ICF?

Answers : full form of ICF is All India Carrom Federation.

Question 61 :What is full form of AIFA?

Answers : full form of AIFA is All India Football Association.

Question 62 :What is full form of WIRSO?

Answers : full form of WIRSO is World Inter-School Rope Skipping Organization.

Question 63 :What is full form of NBA?

Answers : full form of NBA is National Basketball Association.

Question 64 :What is full form of MCC?

Answers : full form of MCC is Melbourne Cricket Club.

Question 65 :What is full form of BPL?

Answers : full form of BPL is Bangladesh Premier League.

Question 66 :What is full form of IBF?

Answers : full form of IBF is Indian Boxing Federation.

Question 67 :What is full form of ITTF?

Answers : full form of ITTF is International Table Tennis Federation.

Question 68 :What is full form of NSO?

Answers : full form of NSO is National Sports Organization (India).

Question 69 :What is full form of RSSC?

Answers : full form of RSSC is Rajasthan State Sports Council.

Question 70 :What is full form of NFI?

Answers : full form of NFI is Netball Federation of India.

Question 71 :What is full form of NFL?

Answers : full form of NFL is National Football League.

Question 72 :What is full form of IGF?

Answers : full form of IGF is International Golf Federation.

Question 73 :What is full form of UCI?

Answers : full form of UCI is Union Cycliste Internationale.

Question 74 :What is full form of WWE?

Answers : full form of WWE is World Wrestling Entertainment.

Question 75 :What is full form of AITA?

Answers : full form of AITA is All India Tennis Association.

Question 76 :What is full form of VCA?

Answers : full form of VCA is Veteran Cricket Association.

Question 77 :What is full form of ISSF?

Answers : full form of ISSF is International Shooting Sport Federation.

Question 78 :What is full form of UWW?

Answers : full form of UWW is United World Wrestling.

Question 79 :What is full form of RFI?

Answers : full form of RFI is Rowing Federation of India.

Question 80 :What is full form of UCBSA?

Answers : full form of UCBSA is United Cricket Board of South Africa.

Question 81 :What is full form of CGF?

Answers : full form of CGF is Commonwealth Games Federation.

Question 82 :What is full form of ACC?

Answers : full form of ACC is Asian Cricket Council.

Question 83 :What is full form of IFG?

Answers : full form of IFG is International Gymnastics Federation.

Question 84 :What is full form of SCA?

Answers : full form of SCA is Saurashtra Cricket Association.

Question 85 :What is full form of NRAI?

Answers : full form of NRAI is National Rifle Association of India.

Question 86 :What is full form of WISPA?

Answers : full form of WISPA is Women’s International Squash Players Association.

Question 87 :What is full form of SLAM?

Answers : full form of SLAM is Sports as a Laboratory Assessment Model.

Question 88 :What is full form of NIS?

Answers : full form of NIS is National Institute of Sports.

Question 89 :What is full form of ASOIF?

Answers : full form of ASOIF is Association of Summer Olympic International Federations.

Question 90 :What is full form of CPL?

Answers : full form of CPL is Caribbean Premier League.

Question 91 :What is full form of WPA?

Answers : full form of WPA is World Pool-Billiard Association.

Question 92 :What is full form of IAAF?

Answers : full form of IAAF is International Association of Athletics Federations.

Question 93 :What is full form of ISU?

Answers : full form of ISU is International Skating Union.

Question 94 :What is full form of IIHF?

Answers : full form of IIHF is International Ice Hockey Federation.

Question 95 :What is full form of WSSA?

Answers : full form of WSSA is World Sport Stacking Association.

Question 96 :What is full form of WBSC?

Answers : full form of WBSC is World Baseball Softball Confederation.

Question 97 :What is full form of FIBA?

Answers : full form of FIBA is Federation International Basketball Association.

Question 98 :What is full form of IWF?

Answers : full form of IWF is International Weightlifting Federation.

Question 99 :What is full form of WCA?

Answers : full form of WCA is World Cube Association.

Question 100 :What is full form of IFAF?

Answers : full form of IFAF is International Federation of American Football.

Question 101 :What is full form of IFSC?

Answers : full form of IFSC is International Federation of Sport Climbing.

Question 102 :What is full form of WWF?

Answers : full form of WWF is World Wrestling Federation.

Question 103 :What is full form of IHF?

Answers : full form of IHF is International Handball Federation.

Question 104 :What is full form of RLIF?

Answers : full form of RLIF is Rugby League International Federation.

Question 105 :What is full form of WCF?

Answers : full form of WCF is World Curling Federation.

Question 106 :What is full form of IFA?

Answers : full form of IFA is Indian Football Association.

Question 107 :What is full form of IJF?

Answers : full form of IJF is International Judo Federation.

Question 108 :What is full form of IBSF?

Answers : full form of IBSF is International Billiards and Snooker Federation.

Question 109 :What is full form of ITHF?

Answers : full form of ITHF is International Table Hockey Federation.

Question 110 :What is full form of AICS?

Answers : full form of AICS is All India Council of Sports.

Question 111 :What is full form of BAI?

Answers : full form of BAI is Badminton Association of India.

Question 112 :What is full form of TNSCA?

Answers : full form of TNSCA is Tamil Nadu State Chess Association.

Question 113 :What is full form of VFI?

Answers : full form of VFI is Volleyball Federation of India.

Question 114 :What is full form of FIVB?

Answers : full form of FIVB is Federation International De Volleyball.

Question 115 :What is full form of JRFI?

Answers : full form of JRFI is Jump Rope Federation of India.

Question 116 :What is full form of BSFI?

Answers : full form of BSFI is Billiards and Snooker Federation of India.

Question 117 :What is full form of ABFI?

Answers : full form of ABFI is Amateur Baseball Federation of India.

Question 118 :What is full form of RSPB?

Answers : full form of RSPB is Railways Sports Promotion Board.

Question 119 :What is full form of SSCB?

Answers : full form of SSCB is Services Sports Control Board.